Gabriel Sapiandante Lopez is a Mexican and Filiphinx artist residing in his hometown of Echo Park, Los Angeles. His work primarily consists of documenting and storytelling through portraiture, creating visual stories of himself as well as other BIPOC individuals who are seeking to belong in spaces that they are not inherently a part of. Lopez attended Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts in Downtown Los Angeles, where he formally studied the fundamentals of photography but established his creative expression outside of institutional classroom settings.

Lopez uses photography as a medium to express his vulnerability and explore his connection with himself and his community in ways that cannot be transmitted through speech and writing. He pulls inspiration from various lived experiences and interpersonal relationships that have an impactful influence in the development of his identity and livelihood. As an artist, Lopez values respect, authenticity, and a compassionate understanding of communities of color that navigate issues of loneliness and belonging.

As a young self taught photographer, Lopez’s work has been exhibited at 10 14 Gallery (London, UK), Tlaloc Studios (Los Angeles, CA), and Superchief Gallery (Los Angeles, CA). He has recently been selected as a finalist and a special mention for the 2022 Palm* Photo Prize. Select clients include The Cut, New York Magazine, LA Times, W Magazine, and Converse.

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